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    About Yasna Beauty Salon

    We are Dubai’s most unique beauty concept salon. We are your favorite sisterhood. At YASNA Beauty, we bring together the best services, professionals, décor, and all-round feel-good vibes to empower your femininity. Our family of beauty technicians will take you on a sensorial journey, as you relax in our pink, whimsical escape, and choose from a wide range of treatments and exclusive products. Take .

    About Us

    The Yasna Beauty Group

    YASNA Beauty Group is about more than beauty

    It began with a vision to empower women to put their best foot forward in the world, and aims to expand into a consortium of brands and services that inspire confidence in them. It is a community, a family whose belief is firmly rooted in the value and positive impact of self-care.
    YASNA Beauty Group is comprised of YASNA Beauty Salon – Downtown Boulevard’s Beauty Community and Luxury Escape in Burj Vista opposite Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa, and a range of unparalleled skin-friendly products and exciting events that are set to launch soon.

    Message from Yasna

    YASNA Beauty Group is about more than beauty

    I took pride in taking care of my appearance. It helped me to feel powerful. Years later, I wanted to share that feeling with other women. I wanted to create a brand that empowers them through its services and products, and out of this simple desire, the YASNA Beauty Group was formed.

    Through the YASNA Beauty Salon, we have created a space where us women can turn to, to unite with our beauty and femininity, ignite our confidence and support one another. Moreover, our upcoming range of YASNA Beauty products will serve as a confluence of skincare and makeup, which will equip you with responsible yet fun tools to help you look and feel your best. Ultimately, I want us to believe we can achieve anything we set our minds to – as working women, homemakers, adventurists, or whatever we want to be. You are not alone in your journey. The YASNA Beauty family is by your side every step of the way

    YASNA Beauty Group

    Choose Your Treatment

    We excel at premium hair care and styling.
    Nail A(1)
    Hair A(1)
    Mackup A(1)

    Hidratation & Repair

    We excel at premium hair care and styling.

    We are proud to offer a wide range of treatments to the highest standard, going that extra mile to ensure you feel totally pampered from the minute you walk through our door.

    Amazing Styles

    An unparalleled experience and great atmosphere.

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    Kate Bryant

    Beautiful Look

    An unparalleled experience and great atmosphere.

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    Donna Johnson

    Artistic Touch

    An unparalleled experience and great atmosphere.

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    Lisa Simpson
    Kate Bryant
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