About Yasna Beauty

About Yasna Beauty

Helena Rossi

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Helena Rossi

Downtown Boulevard’s Beauty Community and Luxury Escape
We are Dubai’s most unique beauty concept salon. We are your favourite sisterhood.
At YASNA Beauty, we bring together the best services, professionals, décor and all-round feel-good vibes to empower your femininity.
Our family of beauty technicians will take you on a sensorial journey, as you relax in our pink, whimsical escape, and choose from a wide range of treatments and exclusive products.
Take a seat in our glam, Hollywood studio –inspired make up section, or sink back in our comfortable shell armchairs and feel in-tune with your beauty, as our professionals work their magic.
Rest assured, we will have you rocking the trendiest nail art, on-fleek make-up and hair like a goddess, to rival anything you’ve come across on Instagram.
Once finished, be sure to stop by our insta-worthy flower wall for a quick pic.
We are located in the heart of the Dubai, just across the road from the iconic Burj Khalifa. You can find our beauty community and escape in Burj Vista Downtown Dubai – Tower 2, along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.
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Helena Rossi